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A Little Bit Rock & Roll

I shall admit it everyone I have a small obsession over certain creators in Second Life. Cynful is on that list...yes I have a big list. N-Core as well as you can tell but I have been on SL for a long time and back in the day there were very few shoe creators who did awesome shoes.

Back to the clothes and accessories, I have a sorta Benatar look going didn't I? That happened by pure accident which I love happening cause as my friend Sparky can attest to I hate feeling like something is missing when I get dressed.

The dress: Cynful ~ Bring the Sexy Back (black - Maitreya) is found at the Cosmo event.
Heels: N-Core ~ Athena (black) at the mainstore
Hair is found in a previous blog post: Entwined ~ Daisy
       Blueberry - Energy choker (black-unrigged)
       Zaara-Sarika feather earrings (Mandala- ebony)
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa

The sim I visited is beautiful I couldn't get enough of the visit here it's called The Trace. If you have time go over and enjoy i…

Smell The Roses...Faded

Every so often you have to stop and smell the roses. Q Poses for the Cosmopolitan 4th Aniversary Event has some wonderful poses in store for you. Your gonna see them for the next few days on my blog so keep a look out. I also picked up the free gift hair from Entwined (remember to join the group and wear the group tag), and the beautiful dress from Dead Dollz in pink (of course).

The song that inspired the picture is Alan Walker- Faded hope you enjoy.

In the photo:

Pose: Q Poses ~ Smell the Roses (Cosmo Event)

Hair: Entwined ~ Daisy

Dress: Dead Dollz~ Skylar Dress (pink)

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa

Eyes: Ikon

Happy Shopping and enjoy :)                                      

A Nice Surprise

When you start something like this you wonder if it will succeed or fail. Well I figured why not start applying for blogging positions. I am honored that Q Poses chose me to be one of their bloggers and hope your enjoying the photos I do. Also your getting a two for one special today if you look at flickr I had a busy night and my brain was going a mile a hour with ideas so again I hope you enjoy
pieces  Yiruma (Kiss the Rain.

Q Poses- Melancholy Q Poses - Mainstore

Legal Insanity & Reign

Legal Insanity & Reign

Okay guys and gals, I been meaning to blog this set from Legal Insanity for a bit but work got in the way of things. I usually go for the pinks and stuff but I couldn't stop myself this time considering the price and quality of this short set, both sold separately. Reign like always does a great job with their shoes and I am a Truth addict.

Clothing: Legal Insanity  Dotty Tank Top & High Waist Shorts (Navy) Shoes: Reign Heirarchy (from FLF) Hud has Reign colors and Blueberry Body: Maitreya Hair: Truth~Thea (light blonds) Head: Catwa

Dream of a Winter Moon

I found that I tend to reflect my outfit based on my mood and personality in Second Life. I have my favorites with clothes and hair, I am very simplistic with my outfits, not just for sake of keeping myself from lagging but I am a very complicated but simple soul yes I know irony in both thoughts.

Personal Flickr Page

As for the outfit: Candydoll ~ Aerissa bodysuit with skirt attachment (can be worn without the skirt)
Collabor 88

Hair is a favorite of mine at the moment: Dela~Kirsty (blonds)
The necklace is Kibitz ~ MSG Necklace ~ Spank Me (gold) gatcha item
The shoes are Empire but are unseen in the photo.

As for the rest of me:
Head is Catwa
Body is Maitreya

Winter Moon is a gorgeous sim you have to check it out.

Hope everyone has a good week and keep smiling.


I woke up this morning and did my regular scroll of Facebook, cause yes I am addict to events and new designers when someone shared this dress. I adore long dresses and formal wear yet I don't do much formal dancing in SL anymore.

Hair: No_Match - No_Trust (blonds) No_Match
Dress: Scandalize - Stasei Dress Scandalize
Heels: Empire - Bergamot Empire
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa
Necklace & Accessories: Kibitz Maya Rings Kibitz
                                         Maxi Gossamer - Cyrene Necklace and Earrings Maxi Gossamer Jewelry

The Hair from No_Match has a resizer, and the dress comes in a full color hud for a steal of a deal. I apparently can't stay away from Empire heels since I love their pinks (laughs). As for my rings, I am either wearing Real Evil all the time or my Kibitz. Maxi Gossamer is one of my go to places for jewelry as well. I don't usually wear a lot of necklaces but I decided to dress this up a bit.

If your looking for a beautiful sim for photos th…

Naughty Fairytales

I been trying to set up my house for...okay a while (laughs). I tend to shop for clothes more than furnishings. As you can see I tend to be tastefully risqué in my photos.

Hair :No_Match - No_Dream at On9
Outfit :
      Erratic - Diana (pearl) at Collabor88
      Heels - Empire (Camellias) Empire
Head: Catwa
Body: Maitreya

Background: +Half-Deer+ Stringlight Soiree Curtains - White Collabor88
                      hive // her own fairytale bed [adult] RARE (gatcha item)

Let's Go on a Adventure

I have given into my urge after many attempts to start a blog, here goes nothing. I don't normally do this as I have a flickr page and tend to photograph on my own time but this is a learning process like everything. Enjoy as I am going to see how this goes!