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Witchy Woman

Nothing says friendship like mischief, mayhem and a bit of magic....on that note tada!
Q Poses - Delight Witch Outfits: Blueberry - Secret (gatcha) Song: Witch Woman - Eagles Flickr I want to thank Stella and Khloe for helping me with this photo.


Good morning lovelies, as a honored blogger for Q Poses they have a new set out at the Cosmo Event you definitely will love. Starting today October 24 til the 5th. Here is just one called Breathe. Go check them out.

Pose: Q Poses- Breathe (Cosmo Event)

Inspired by Shawn Mendes - Mercy

My Flickr

With much thought...

I have thought about it for a while and though I love blogging I am inspired by thoughts and ideas that come to me. With that in mind I am going to keep doing my photos and what I consider art cause I never know exactly how it's going to turn out. I will post what is in the photo but for now I go at my own pace without constraints. Hope you enjoy what I do and keep following.

Yesterday I had finally got everything I needed for the photos I am about to post. The first one I call Dangerous and the second is Thou Shall Not Fall. The strength of a woman is not always in the armor she wears but under the soft skin she bares. We all have our weakness but the heart of a woman is her honor and integrity to stand up for her beliefs. You have to walk in darkness to find the light.


A little bit of pink

This is a raw blog post...I don't normally do this but some things happened over the weekend that made me need to post this. I have a dear friend in RL who is in the early stages of cervical cancer, she has two children, a good job but as she was waiting for the bus she was jumped by two men and beat up. This angered me so very very much. I know many don't read blogs but naturally I write my thoughts just the same. This month is breast cancer awareness month, but we should be fighting for ALL cancer and the survivors and their families. See this friend of mine wants more children and her chances of having another child is not high. I wear a set of nails called Hope in Pink from Koffin Nails. You can get them on the MP for a small price of 65L. I wear pink almost everyday in SL (almost) but I urge you to donate to the kiosks inside of SL or even in RL.

Have a great evening and keep smiling even when it's hard. Hope is eternal.

Ladies Choice

I can't sleep nothing new there but it got me to blogging so no complaints there.
There are two things I am going to highlight below. Candydoll's new outfit which is a jumpsuit that has a hud that changes the belt colors at FaMeshed and Q- Poses - Silent Rose. Links to the event and the mainstore are found highlighted.

On another note it's great to get back to blogging again. I had a bit of a creative block there but hopefully not anymore. Love you all, spread the love, share the blog, be nice to one another and smile at least once or twice a day. I named the photo Ladies Choice for a personal reason. ;)