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Anything Worth Holding Onto

Featuring: Seniha Originals ~ Olivia Set (Uber) Lamb ~ Fox (Uber) Location: Soul2Soul River

Under Your Scars

Featuring: Taox Tattoo ~ Spirit Leia (Marketplace) PosEd Poses ~ Feeling Sexy (Pose Fair) [CX] ~ Lumbar Puncture & Tattoo (Mainstore) ♡ Godsmack ~ Under Your Scars

Hands on You

Featuring: Yasum ~ Northern Kirtle (We Love Role-Play) Gos Boutique ~ Emma Strap Pumps (Uber)
::Wet Cat::~Natalie Pose Set (Pose Fair) ♡ Ashley Monroe ~ Hands on You

She Belonged to Him...

Featuring: THIS IS WRONG ~ Zion Tattoo (AnyBODY starting Oct 7th) Glitzz ~ Marie Lingerie (Mainstore) ♡ ~She belonged to Him~  ~not because it was something he demanded~  ~because it was something she couldn't help ~

Thought About You...

Featuring: Adorsy ~ Marilice Set (Cosmo Event)  ♡ Tim McGraw ~ Thought About You

Because of You

Featuring: Taox Tattoo ~ Skeleton Baby (Mainstore) or (MP) ♡ Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson ~ Because of You ♡ dedicated to all those victims of Domestic Violence  may you all find that strength

Just Keep My Head Above Water

Featuring: United Colors ~ Margarita Shorts (FaMeshed Go @ Mainstore) United Colors ~ Margarita Shirt (Kustom 9) Lamb ~ Garden (FaMeshed) ♡ Avril Lavigne ~ Head Above Water

It Takes a Lot to Know A Man...

Featuring: Aleutia ~ Logan Dress & Scarf (Tres Chic) An Lar ~ The Sweetness Series (Mainstore) Empire ~ Coronaria (Mainstore) ♡ Damien Rice ~ It Takes a Lot to Know A Man


Featuring: Glitzz ~ Dakota Set (Shiny Shabby) or (Mainstore) Foxcity Poses ~ Lake Cabin Photobooth and Pose (Mainstore) ♡
Damien Escobar ~ Awaken

Hope is for the Hopeful

LW Poses ~ Safe With Me (Inworld Shop)
Taox Tattoo ~  Leg Oh My Garter (AnyBody Event)
Promagic ~ Mishit Set (Frou Frou Event)
Jian ~ Choco Pupper Basket (Inworld Shop)

Rick Astley ~ Angels On My Side

Awaken to The Sun

Featuring: Zen Creations ~ Eccentric Sofa Set (Inworld) or (Marketplace) Includes: - Sofa (with adult menu), pillows hide/show on touch, 11 prims  - Sofa table, 4 prims  - Pouf with 10 solo animations, 2 prims  - Curtains, 5 prims each set  - Rug, 3 prims  - Vase with tulips, 2 prims total  - Jar, 1 prim  - Book stack, 3 prims total  - Chandelier, 6 prims  - Art work, 3 prims total for all pieces
Set changes color and size using a HUD  ♡ Damien Escobar ~ Awaken

Let Me Spell It Out For You...

Featured: United Colors ~ Emilia Dress (Equal 10) K&S Poses ~ Against the Wall (Marketplace) Fapple ~ Angel Oak Gatcha Set (Marketplace) ♡ Stephanie Quayle ~ Selfish

Dear Me

Featured: LUXE Paris ~ CEO Suit, Bag and heels [not shown]  (RYR info found here)
An Lar ~ The Ulla Series (Mainstore)

Nichole Nordeman ~ Dear Me

When In Doubt Be A Unicorn

Featuring: *CK* Candy Kitty ~ Time to be Unicorn (Ultra)

Yours to Hold

Featuring: :zk: ~ Carla Dress (Cosmo Event) and (Mainstore) ♡ Bret Young ~ Yours to Hold

She's Got This Thing About Her


Right Now

Featuring: Narcisse ~ Jayla Pearl Set (Kinky Monthly) ♡ Nick Jonas, Robin Shulz ~ Right Now

I Can Close My Eyes and Still Be Free

Featuring: United Colors ~ Enigma Bolero (Mainstore) ♡ Wynonna ~ Only Love

Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

Featuring: Violetility ~ Chain Bed (Marketplace) Violetility ~ Black Edged Set (Mainstore) Taox Tattoo ~ Dear Devil (Mainstore) An Lar Poses ~ Georgia Series (Mainstore) Zenith ~ Buckle Gloves Insanya ~ Pasties  Razor ~ Halo Thigh High Boots D!va Hair ~ Lisa ♡ Cigarettes After Sex ~ Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

Only Love

Featuring: Narcisse ~ Jayla Pearl Set (Kinky Monthly) Sam Poses ~ Remember My Name (Mainstore) Taox Tattoo ~ Kenza (Mainstore) ♡ Jordan Smith ~ Only Love

Time to Rock Your Rack ♥

I am honored to be a blogger for the Rock Your Rack Event this year:

Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women. 1 in 8 women, and an every increasing percentage of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival.
Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event combining the best of SL Music, Art and Fashion to support the work of breast cancer charities and raise awareness for early detection which is critical to a positive outcome for this devastating disease.
This year's event will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides free mammograms, education, support and early detection services to anyone in need. 
The 2018 event involves 72 designers including Sponsors: {ADC} Anam Cara Designs, Digital Farm Services, Evolve, Heartsdale Jewelry, Kultivate Magazine, MOZ Designs, and The Johnathan Hiess Pr…

Are There Any Survivors?

Featuring: :zk:~ Paola Top & Panty (Cosmo) and (Mainstore) Pose: PosEd ~ Fallen Angel (Mainstore) ♡ Passenger ~ Survivors

Let Me Be Myself

Featuring: Cae ~ Astrid (Uber) Glitzz ~ Grenda (Blush) and (Mainstore) LW ~ You'll See (Tres Chic) ♡ 3 Doors Down ~ Let Me Be Myself

I Have No Control This Time

Featuring: Narcisse ~ Querencia (Mainstore) UC ~ Milda Leather Pants (Uber) UC ~ Luise Corset (now at Mainstore) Zenith ~ Buckle Gloves  Stealthic ~ Haven hair R.O. Pose ~ Bad Vibes ♡ Disturbed ~ The Animal

God Bless This Mess

Featuring: Gos Boutique ~ Heidi Slingbacks (FaMeshed) Pose: K&S ~ Katya Pose 2 (Mainstore) note: Collar, Top, Shorts and Hair previously blogged hereJillian Jaqueline ~ God Bless This Mess

She's Easy to Hold

Featuring: Cae ~ Bound (Mainstore) Addams ~ Soraya Knotted Shirt (Mainstore) Blueberry ~ Frappe (Mainstore) Tram ~ H0813 Hair (Uber) ♡ Clay Walker ~ She's Easy to Hold

One Day

Featuring: Promagic ~ CutiePie at Cosmo Event also: AnaPoses ~ Budapest at Shiny Shabby and: Doux ~ Charlie hair at Mainstore Location: Voodoo in My Blood

Keep Breathing

Featuring: :zk: ~ Indra Dress (Cosmo) and (Mainstore) ♡ Ingrid Michaelson ~ Keep Breathing

Dark in My Imagination

Featuring: UC ~ Milda Leather Top (Kustom 9) UC ~ Short Jean Shorts (Mainstore) ♡ Of Verona ~ Dark in My Imagination

Tell Me What You Need Most

Featuring: Aleutia ~ Rowan Set (Fetish Fair)
Sintiklia ~ Bree Hair (Mainstore)

Movement ~ Control You

Best Part

Featuring: SamPoses ~ A Lil Dutchie Vibe Pose also: Blueberry ~ Alena Top (Mainstore) Blueberry ~ Alena Jeggings (Mainstore) Sintiklia ~ Mbali (Mainstore) ♡ Best Part (feat. H.E.R.) · Daniel Caesar · H.E.R. .


Featuring: Glitzz ~ Temptation (Bound Box Headquarters) or (Mainstore) eTC ~ Sitting 10 (Marketplace) ♡ Savage Garden ~ Moon and Back

Island In The Stream

Featuring: Glitzz ~ Florella (Tres Chic) or (Mainstore) pose: :LW: ~Nowhere To Go (TLC) ♡ Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton ~ Island In The Stream

No Coffee For You My Friend

Featuring: :zk: ~ Kylie Body & Pants (Vanity) also (Mainstore) also: SamPoses ~ The Stare (The Avenue) ♡ inspired by: Fleetwood Mac ~ Never Going Back Again

Slow Down...Always in a Hurry

featuring: Adorsy ~ Bianca Dress (Cosmo Event) Sintiklia ~ Molly Hair (Fetish Fair) Thank you to Sintiklia Skin: Egozy ~ Olson (Mainstore) ♡ Nicole Nordeman ~ Slow Down

Is It Worth It?

Featuring: :zk: ~ Zoey Dress (Blush) (Mainstore) ♡ Kodaline ~ Worth It

I'll Be Like Sugar

Featuring: Narcisse ~ Roxie Neck Cuff (MBA Fair) ♡ Wanderhouse ~ Sugar

Love is Soft

Featuring: Cae ~ Valencia Necklace collection (Uber) also: Miss Chelsea ~ Cali Top & Pants ( Mainstore) Tram ~ H0702 (Mainstore) Location: LaVieQueen ~ One Year of Love

Use Me Up

Featuring: Narcisse ~ Roxbury Lace Up Panties (Kinky Monthly Event) ♡ Wanderhouse ~ Use Me Up

Only You..

Featuring: Promagic ~ Sukoon dress & heels (Blush starting the 28th) Avaway ~ Royal Armbands & Necklace (Gatcha find it at the Mainstore) Tableau Vivant ~ Nana [blondes] (Mainstore) Chez Moi Furniture ~ Romantic Old Ruins (Mainstore) ♡ Parson James ~ Only You

Makes Me Wanna Lose Myself...

Featuring: :zk: ~ Debbie (Access Event) :LW: ~ Undeniable (Tres Chic) ♡ Chantal Kreviazuk ~ Feels Like Home

Summertime Magic

Featuring: [West End] ~ Water Vibes (Group Gift) šŸŒž Childish Gambino ~ Summertime Magic

Blue on Black

Featuring: E-Clipse Design ~ Chanel (Tres Chic) ♡ FFDP ~ Blue on Black


Featuring: Adorsy ~ Bernice Top & Overalls (Cosmo) and later (Mainstore) Doux ~ Maya (Mainstore) Versov ~ Jacov Eyewear (Mainstore) Pose: PosEd Poses ~ Sun Lover (Mainstore) or (Marketplace) ♡
Shinedown ~ Brilliant


Featuring: Glitzz ~ Brunet Swimsuit (Vanity Event) and later (Mainstore) ♡ Juanes ~ Fotografia featuring Nelly Furtado

Something About You

Featuring: [Aleutia] ~ Jesslyn set (RLD) Doux ~ Fiona Hair (Mainstore) Gingerfish Poses ~ Midnight (Mainstore) ♡ Bad Company ~ Something About You

Wild Love

Featuring: :zk: ~ Cynthia Dress at Cosmo and Mainstore afterwards Truth Hair ~ Jaime An Lar Pose Series ~ The Wisp Series (Mainstore) ♡ Elle King ~ Wild Love

Friends Will Be Friends

Featuring: Violetility:  Summer Pop Loungers ~ (Season Story)  Funbrella (RLD Event) Pool Bar Floats ~ (RLD Event) Pose: Nina Rosario ~ Inviting (Pose Fair) Focus Poses ~ Summer Nights Pool Backdrop (Cosmo Event) ♡ Queen ~ Friends Will Be Friends