Under Your Scars

Featuring: Taox Tattoo ~ Spirit Leia (Marketplace) PosEd Poses ~ Feeling Sexy (Pose Fair) [CX] ~ Lumbar Puncture & Tattoo (Mainstore) ♡ Godsmack ~ Under Your Scars

Hands on You

Featuring: Yasum ~ Northern Kirtle (We Love Role-Play) Gos Boutique ~ Emma Strap Pumps (Uber)
::Wet Cat::~Natalie Pose Set (Pose Fair) ♡ Ashley Monroe ~ Hands on You

She Belonged to Him...

Featuring: THIS IS WRONG ~ Zion Tattoo (AnyBODY starting Oct 7th) Glitzz ~ Marie Lingerie (Mainstore) ♡ ~She belonged to Him~  ~not because it was something he demanded~  ~because it was something she couldn't help ~

Thought About You...

Featuring: Adorsy ~ Marilice Set (Cosmo Event)  ♡ Tim McGraw ~ Thought About You

Because of You

Featuring: Taox Tattoo ~ Skeleton Baby (Mainstore) or (MP) ♡ Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson ~ Because of You ♡ dedicated to all those victims of Domestic Violence  may you all find that strength

Just Keep My Head Above Water

Featuring: United Colors ~ Margarita Shorts (FaMeshed Go @ Mainstore) United Colors ~ Margarita Shirt (Kustom 9) Lamb ~ Garden (FaMeshed) ♡ Avril Lavigne ~ Head Above Water