A Little Bit Rock & Roll

I shall admit it everyone I have a small obsession over certain creators in Second Life. Cynful is on that list...yes I have a big list. N-Core as well as you can tell but I have been on SL for a long time and back in the day there were very few shoe creators who did awesome shoes.

Back to the clothes and accessories, I have a sorta Benatar look going didn't I? That happened by pure accident which I love happening cause as my friend Sparky can attest to I hate feeling like something is missing when I get dressed.

The dress: Cynful ~ Bring the Sexy Back (black - Maitreya) is found at the Cosmo event.
Heels: N-Core ~ Athena (black) at the mainstore
Hair is found in a previous blog post: Entwined ~ Daisy
       Blueberry - Energy choker (black-unrigged)
       Zaara-Sarika feather earrings (Mandala- ebony)
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa

The sim I visited is beautiful I couldn't get enough of the visit here it's called The Trace. If you have time go over and enjoy it.


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