Change of Seasons...Wake Me Up

As a southern woman who lives in the northern area I get to experience the changing of the season. Sometimes it happens quickly, and other times it just drags. This year it's dragging, and my allergies are too (shakes my head). I get headaches and I am irritable but then I think of the days back in my childhood when I use to pick up pinecones for the winter to decorate for Christmas and other things my Mom use to drag us to do.

A conversation I had this morning reminded me of my grandfather and the one impression I had of the man (I was quite young when he passed away). I remember this quiet stoic man looking over the lake silently thinking and I was in awe of him. He was a gorgeous man back in his younger years. My mother had a portrait he had done when he got out of the Coast Guard and I truly am amazed at the life he lived.

I have been visiting plenty of sims lately but today this one is just for reflections inside me.

The outfit I am wearing is Addams.

Addams ~ Flora Flair Jeans with Belt
Addams ~ Rebecca BodySuit (comes in a fatpack)
The bodysuit is a freebie so go grab it while you can and it works with the jeans perfectly.


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