Think The Lifeguard Wants His Seat Back

Sway's Spotlight in June ~ [Kai] - Lifeguard Chair
 with pillow and life preserver
12 single / friends animations for up to 2 avatars
5 pillow texture options
4 chair designs: plain white, blue stripes, red stripes
and ship's wheel
life preserver in blue and red

4 Li
100% original Mesh + Material | copy + modify
(scripts and animations copy only)

Keep in mind to wear the Sway's VIP Group tag!
If you are not a Sway's VIP member you can join us by touching a Sway's VIP sign
at the mainstore or search for Sway's VIP in groups.

ChicChica ~ CocoMilk (Mainstore)
Stand in Lifeguard:
Junkfood ~ Lifeguard Manatee
Mav Seetan was unavailable to stand in so the Manatee gladly volunteered 😜
Little Big Town ~ Summer Fever


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